Social Studies Teacher, Secondary

Prishtina High School

School Background

Prishtina High School, a K-12 grade school, offers its students a premier college-preparatory education, certainly among the best in the country. The beautiful campus of PHS sits in the capital city and is surrounded by the beautiful green rolling mountains of Kosova. The student body of PHS consists of both local Kosovars and children from the international and expatriate communities. The PHS mission is to provide a caring, learning community where students from a vast array of nations, ethnicities, and religions can learn from each other, work together in unity, and accept the challenge of changing the world for the better. PHS prepares international students to be life-long learners, effective communicators, responsible citizens, healthy people, and spiritually sensitive individuals. PHS partners with parents in their role to instruct their children in an environment where ethics, morals, and values are taught and modeled. In this partnership, PHS commits to providing a dynamic, challenging, and holistic education that recognizes the personal uniqueness of each student and develops them into the person they were created to be.

PHS is fully accredited through Cognia (formerly known as AdvancED) and has received permanent licensing from the Kosova Ministry of Education for grades K-12.

Job Summary

The core responsibilities of a social studies teacher include planning, developing, and delivering instruction on historical events and cultural influences, resulting in their overall development. Social studies teachers are responsible for instructing students on global issues and historical events that have implications for today’s world, while also helping students understand different cultural influences and heritage. Individual teachers develop particular styles of teaching and are encouraged to utilize their personal style and techniques within the classroom to deepen the level of understanding for the students. The teaching curriculum and instructional information will fall within the school curriculum and meet the Aero Standards in the U.S. Prishtina High School is looking for a teacher capable of teaching secondary social studies courses such as Ancient World History, Geography, and Early World History.

General Responsibities

Plan and teach Social Studies courses

Develop and maintain a healthy learning environment

Develop and implement a developmentally appropriate classroom management plan

Differentiate instruction for a variety of learning styles and levels 

Subjects Taught

Geography, World History, Early World History

Grades Taught



Minimum of an undergraduate degree

Teaching License or Certification preferred

Spcific Skills

Patience and flexibility 

Understanding of developmental needs 

Organizational skills

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