College and Career Counselor/Teacher

Prishtina High School

JOB DESCRIPTION – Guidance Counselor

School Background:

In the heart of one of the world’s newest European countries (Kosova) lies the city of Prishtina, the capital city, home to PHS. Prishtina High School, a 1-12 grade school offers its students a premier college-preparatory education, certainly among the best in the country.  The beautiful campus of PHS sits in the capital city and is surrounded by the beautiful green rolling mountains of Kosova. The student body of PHS consists of both local Kosovars and children from the international and expatriate communities.

The PHS mission is to provide a caring, learning community where students from a vast array of nations, ethnicities, and religions can learn from each other, work together in unity, and accept the challenge of changing the world for the better. PHS prepares international students to be life-long learners, effective communicators, responsible citizens, healthy people, and spiritually sensitive individuals. PHS partners with parents in their role to instruct their children in an environment where ethics, morals and values are taught and modeled.  In this partnership, PHS commits to providing a dynamic, challenging, and holistic education that recognizes the personal uniqueness of each student and develops them into the person they were created to be. 

Job Summary/Objective:

Create a positive learning environment that reflects love. Provide an institution that is supportive of every student and professional in every aspect. The school affects student learning through mastery of the subject material by utilizing valid teaching techniques.  Secondary education curriculum goals provided within the framework of the school’s philosophy.

General Responsibilities:

The College and Career Counselor and Teacher will teach our PHS Readiness (a transition to HS school class), College and Career Readiness, and Senior Capstone class. Through those classes, the staff member will be able to work with PHS students on skills necessary for success in high school, university preparation, and will help them with planning for potential career options as well. Candidates should have a good working knowledge of the application process to different colleges and universities in the United States or around the world, or at least a desire to learn the process for those with which they are not familiar for the benefit of the student. The individual who accepts this position will also serve as a key advisor to PHS students as they transition through high school and on to post secondary opportunities. While much of the advising will be able to be accomplished during the assigned classes, an ideal candidate would be willing to work with students beyond the confines of the classroom, especially during the students' senior year as they are applying to universities.


The candidate must possess:

- Current state or provincial issued certification

- Minimum of an undergraduate degree

- Flexibility of schedule

The preferred candidate will possess:

- Masters degree in school/guidance counselling

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