Oasis Project Update- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Oasis International School, KL (OISKL)
The desire to establish a school in KL goes back to the mid- and early-nineties for our agency.  That effort came to a halt simply because of the lack of financial capital funding.  Recently, however, a new effort has arisen for a school in KL, and this time it looks like it is indeed the right time.  We will open Oasis International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in September 2018.  We're excited, and we believe this will quickly become a very large and strong school.  The country of Malaysia is a "rising star" in Asia, and the city of KL is a growing, exciting place, full of expatriates and internationals.

We have partnered with IJM Land SDN BHD to build in phases on a 11.9 acre property in the center Bandar Rimbayu, one of IJM Land's newest developments. We are currently recruiting 40-50 teaching positions for the first year. Additionally, we are seeking financial partners who can help with the initial set-up costs for the new school. Those interested can go to our donation page on this website or contact if you desire make a large gift. More information can be found at the Oasis website: