Library Media Specialist

TBD - Oasis

Whether it is due to an expanding school, or because a Library Media Specialist is transitioning to another school, we anticipate the strong possibility of having a Library Media Specialist position or positions available for the next school year. If you might be interested in applying for a Library Media Specialist position now or in the future, you are encouraged to begin the non-teaching application so we will have it on file. Library Media Specialist positions are posted during the fall semester.

Job Summary/Objective:

Create a positive learning environment that reflects love. Provide an institution that is supportive of every student and professional in every aspect. The school affects student learning through mastery of the subject material by utilizing various teaching techniques. 

General Responsibilities:

Provide Library and Media services for the students, including manning the library and teaching basic library and media skills as required.


The candidate must possess:

- Current state or provincial certification

- Minimum of a Masters degree in Library Science

- Flexibility of schedule

The preferred candidate will possess:

- 2 years' experience


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