Learning Support Coordinator

Oasis International School - Kuala Lumpur

School Background:
At Oasis, we provide a rewarding educational experience for students using the U.S. model. We believe that the United States education system is successful because of its commitment to having qualified and caring teachers, offering a personalized learning experience, educating using a holistic approach, and appreciating diversity. Learn how Oasis implements each of these important elements to help students be successful and ready for university with a U.S. diploma in hand. All of our teachers, with the exception of the foreign language teachers, have U.S. Teaching Qualification in their respective subject areas. The U.S. requires every teacher to complete a set of courses, pass tests, and obtain practical teaching experience before granting them a teaching license with subject area certifications. In addition, every teacher has experience teaching in American or international schools and will
complete ongoing professional learning throughout the year. However, our teachers aren’t just qualified, they’re caring too! Our teachers love their students! Since our teachers are qualified and caring, they have the necessary skills to address your child’s needs and, consequently, to have the greatest impact on your child’s success. Oasis offers an innovative academic model of teaching and learning with classes that are rooted in content and skills that align with standards. The standards are designed to challenge students academically as well as to encourage them to think critically and demonstrate creativity. Building 21st century learning skills is accomplished with the help of technology. However, we know that all children are unique and have individual needs and talents. Therefore, our teachers strive to differentiate instruction in their classes, and our flexible learning environment helps to facilitate varied instructional strategies. For advanced high school students, Oasis
offers the Advanced Placement (AP) classes. To learn more about our education program, please visit our Learning page as well as our pages for the Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. Oasis was established by NICS/Oasis in 2018 and has a growing student body of about 250 students on a 12-acre purpose-built campus near the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Job Summary:
To fufill the objectives of the Oasis International School by serving as a member of the educational team and providing direction and leadership in the areas of academic achievement and social/emotional development for students with learning difficulties. Also must meet all the requirements in the LSP Coordinator Job Description.
REPORTS TO- Elementary Principal
(These are non-negotiable tasks required of teachers for the school and classroom to operate
All teachers at OIS are expected to:
Act in accordance with the school’s mission and values; Comply with all policies and procedures; Plan and prepare properly for instruction (including submitting lesson plans and designing curriculum); Maintain a learning environment that encourages learning;
Uphold professional standards of appearance, punctuality, courtesy, and discretion;
Carry out all co-curricular responsibilities, including: leading programs and events, assigned supervision duties (lunch, playground, etc); and Maintain professional credentials and/or certification, including: applicable educator licensure, Google Certified Educator Level 1, and Apple Teacher.
Oasis Teachers exhibit a mindset of excellence by continuously striving to:
Intentionally design learning experiences to engage all students in becoming 21st-century learners. Demonstrate a pioneering attitude toward areas of impact, professional practice, and ministry. Lead and collaborate with others within their sphere of influence.
Effectively communicate with all members of the Oasis community to support and promote the mission and values of the school and organization. Display a Christlike (moral) character, acting with a high level of integrity and love toward the Oasis community. Foster respect, value, and empathy for all cultures in the classroom and Oasis community. Tend to the diverse needs of all students to support holistic growth and to achieve maximum potential.

General Responsibilities:
Whole School Learning Support Coordinator.
Learning Support Coordinator Essential Functions-
-Create and implement Individualized Learning Plans that reflect the needs of each student
-Assess student learning and growth based on Individualized Learning Plan goals
-Reteach and reassess student learning based on assessment results in order to provide regular and timely feedback for students and facilitate self-reflection about their learning
-Create and use a classroom management plan that is consistent with the school-wide management plan to maintain a learning environment that encourages learning in and outside the classroom.
-Follow the corrective responses protocol for managing repeated behavior issues including
communicating and logging.
-Provide regular and timely feedback for parents about their students’ academic and social/emotional learning progress.
-Pursue appropriate intervention and support services for students based on their needs (both social/emotional and academic), using the school’s established systems for referrals.
-Collaborate with appropriate school personnel in meeting the academic, social/emotional and behavioral needs of the students.
-Participate in team (Division/Department/Grade Level) and schoolwide meetings, events, and initiatives
-Seek prescribed, collaborative, and personal professional learning opportunities inside and outside the school.
-Co-lead at least one major school event each year.
-Contribute to school improvement by participating in yearly school improvement initiatives based on the continuous school improvement plan (CSIP)
-Seek opportunities to contribute to professional development in the ASEAN region (e.g. present, host, coordinate, facilitate, etc)
-Intentionally build relationships with students to support their holistic growth and development.
Learning Support Coordinator Responsibilities:
Coordinate the development, writing and implementation of Individualized Learning Plans through the following:
- Consulting with classroom teachers, parents and the appropriate school division personnel in developing and maintaining students’ Individualized Learning Plans
-Collaborating and co-planning with instructors to prepare scaffolded instruction, differentiated
activities/lessons/assessments, to develop modified outcomes, or interventions
-Creating and sharing quarterly progress reports for students enrolled in the Learning Support Program
-Reviewing student records and discuss relevant information with classroom teachers
-Providing direct instruction to students on an individual or small group basis either in the regular classroom or in the Learning Support classroom.
-Using a variety of assessment procedures to gather additional information necessary to determine appropriate interventions and programming including observations, analysis of work samples, interviews, and meeting with parents/guardians
-Scheduling and facilitating meetings regarding student progress and needs
Lead in the coordination, planning and implementation of the OIS Arrowsmith Program through the following:
-Interviewing potential Arrowsmith students and determine suitability for the program
-Administering the Arrowsmith assessment for incoming students and the end of year assessment for current students
-Collaborating and communicating with Confident Brain contacts and the Arrowsmith Program
-Coordinator regarding student needs, student progress and the OIS Arrowsmith program
Provide ongoing training and support for the OIS community regarding student learning difficulties through the following:
-Providing staff with training, strategies and methods for supporting students’ academic and
social-emotional difficulties
-Providing assistance and expertise to classroom teachers as they teach students with learning difficulties and assist teachers with additional resources as needed
-Creating an environment where parents feel comfortable and valued as part of the educational team
-Facilitate growth of the Learning Support Program by developing connections and participating in professional learning through the following:
-Connecting with psychologists and interventionists locally and regionally to refer students and families who need additional psycho-educational assessments and intervention services
-Connecting with Learning Support staff in NICS/Oasis, Earcos, CIS, and AIMS for resource sharing and professional learning
-Engaging in weekly school-wide and divisional-level professional development as well as seeking out and participating in external professional development opportunities
-Engage in ongoing student support and responsive services to meet the individual needs of learners and support the overall mission of the school through the following:
-Serving as a member of the Student Support Department and participate in weekly PLC meetings
-Conducting ongoing and systematic academic and behavior/social-emotional intervention to help meet the needs of at-risk and academically struggling students and informing stakeholders of student progress
Support the operations of the counseling department and associated activities through the following:
-Collaborating and supporting admissions by reviewing Learning Support applicants and making recommendations for placement and enrollment
-Maintaining OIS Community documents relevant to the Learning Support department including the Community Resources for Learning Support
-Identifying Learning Support curriculum and resource needs annually
-Assisting in logistical planning for the Learning Support Program (e.g. class schedules, duty schedules)
-Consulting with Elementary and Secondary principals on critical student/school issues while
maintaining confidentiality
-Planning and providing for the effective utilization of teacher assistants, including establishing schedules, monitoring assignments and duties.
-Establishing a system of files, records and documentation that is confidential and efficient
Communicating regularly with the school administration regarding students who are part of the Learning Support Program

Current state or provincial issued teacher certification, Minimum of an undergraduate degree, Minimum of 2 years teaching/admin/business experience, Specialization in learning support

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