English Immersion Program Teacher

Oasis International School - Kuala Lumpur

School Background:
At Oasis, we provide a rewarding educational experience for your child using the U.S. model. We believe that the United States education system is successful because of its commitment to having qualified and caring teachers, offering a personalized learning experience, educating using a holistic approach, and appreciating diversity. Learn how Oasis implements each of these important elements to help students be successful and ready for university with a U.S. diploma in hand. All of our teachers, with the exception of the foreign language teachers, have U.S. certifications in their respective subject areas. The U.S. requires every teacher to complete a set of courses, pass tests, and obtain practical teaching experience before granting them a teaching license with subject area certifications. In addition, every teacher has experience teaching in American or international schools and will complete ongoing professional learning throughout the year. However, our teachers aren’t just qualified, they’re caring too! Our teachers love their students! Since our teachers are qualified and caring, they have the necessary skills to address your child’s needs and, consequently, to have the greatest impact on your child’s success. Oasis offers an innovative academic model of teaching and learning with classes that are rooted in content and skills that align with standards. The standards are designed to challenge students academically as well as to encourage them to think critically and demonstrate creativity. Building 21st century learning skills is accomplished with the help of technology. However, we know that all children aren’t the same and all children don’t learn the same. Therefore, our teachers strive to differentiate instruction in their classes, and our flexible learning environment helps to facilitate different styles of teaching. For advanced high school students, Oasis offers the Advanced Placement
(AP) Program. To learn more about our education program, please visit our Learning page as well as our pages for the Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. Oasis was established by NICS/Oasis in 2018 and has a growing student body of about 250 students
on a 12-acre purpose-built campus near the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Job Summary/Objective: 
The English Immersion Program (EIP) is a short-term, intensive, and rigorous English language learning program intentionally designed for students between Grade 4 and 7 with very limited English proficiency. The goal of the English Immersion Program is to equip English Language Learners (ELLs) with the foundational understanding of the English language, which includes the phonology, mechanics, structure (grammar), and vocabulary of English with content adapted to students’ comprehension level. As students make progress, the instruction and content will increase in difficulty and complexity—an approach that would improve students’ readiness for core content instruction. Students will get a chance to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English using a variety of fiction and informational texts, engaging materials, and research-based practices. It is also designed to introduce academic vocabulary to students in a systematic and gradual process. Students enrolled in the EIP program will pause their academic track to receive intensive English
language development courses during core instructional periods. To promote holistic development, EIP students will be joining peers of similar age group during specials such as art, music, physical education, innovation/tech hours, after-school-activities, assemblies, whole-school activities, etc. Students may also receive extended and guided library time in order to promote students’ reading habits. In our English Immersion Program, teachers help students acquire a new language by providing active, direct, and explicit instructional methods that would provide students ample opportunities to learn and gradually produce new and more complex English language structures. Students will also be participating in engaging and age-appropriate learning tasks and grouped with peers who have
similar proficiency level in order to maximize the amount of understandable instruction in the new language. Upon meeting the exit criteria measured by various English language assessment tools, successful graduates from the English Immersion Program will then enroll in mainstream courses and intermediate English language development courses.

General Responsibilities:
The EIP Teacher will have all their student in a "one room school house" style of classroom until they are able to move into the mainstream ELL program. Low level ELL students 4th-7th grade will be primary grades taught.

Current state or provincial issued teacher certification, Minimum of an undergraduate degree, TESOL certification preferred 

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