Guidance Counselor, Secondary

Kunming International Academy

Guidance Counselor-Secondary Level


School Background:

In August 2018, Kunming International Academy started its 25th year of serving the expatriate children of Kunming.  Currently the school has about 300 students, from Kindergarten-3-year-old through grade 12 and our student population is made of about 50% whose parents work with NGO’s and other types of charities.  Currently we have about 40 teachers from 13 different countries. 

We are an “American-based” school, with some “international characteristics”.  Each student from grade 1 through 10 is required to take Mandarin language.  We also “internationalize” our social studies classes and are considering the adoption of an international math program.  It is still American with students taking the MAP test in K through grade 8 and PSAT in grades 9-11, and SAT in grades 11 – 12.  Since we have many students who are non-native English speakers, a full ESL program from grade 1 – 10 is in place to serve them. I addition, KIA offers 19 AP courses with 10 of them being site based.

KIA is fully accredited through Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and it is required that all foreign teachers hold a valid teaching certificate or license.  Please visit our website at .

Kunming is located in southern China.  Although at 25 degrees north latitude (about the same as the tip of Florida and a bit south of Cairo, Egypt) it is very temperate because of its elevation (6,200 feet / 2,000 meters).  Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, is a moderate sized city in China with an urban population of about 7.2 million.  The area is known for its tea and the many “nationalities”.  (“Nationalities” are the indigenous people of China.) 

Although living in China has a few hardships, it is very rewarding.  After the period of transition of learning where to buy items, where the good restaurants are and how to get around the city, by taxi, bus, or bikes, Kunming is truly a comfortable place to live.  The school provides Mandarin language lessons to help you with developing language where it’s much easier to be more independent.  There’s such simplicity to life here; it gives us more time to focus on relationships

Job Summary/Objective:

The College and Career Counselor oversees the academic development of secondary school students, manages/counsels secondary students on academic probation, and provides personal counseling as requested by families, administration and/or students.  He/she will also facilitate postsecondary planning for the high school students together with their parents. The college and career counselor will be responsible for teaching two classes in the secondary school, college preparation and career exploration. 

General Responsibilities:

Guidance Counseling on the Secondary Level. 

  1. Accepts responsibility for the development and implementation of guidance services at KIA.
  2. Assists students in course selection and maintains a graduation plan for each student, ensuring that appropriate courses are taking to keep students on track for graduation.
  3. Enters student schedules and past records for transferring students into the school information system.
  4. Manages the academic probation program at KIA, setting up meetings quarterly for those on academic probation with the students, teachers and parents and then counseling students through their probation.
  5. Makes arrangements for the PSAT testing and interprets the results to students.  Assists the students in preparing to take these.  Distributes results to respective students and parents.
  6. Informs and helps students to register for the SAT/ACT and other college entrance tests.
  7. Makes arrangements for the ordering and administration of the AP tests in May. Works in collaboration with the secondary principal on the AP program.
  8. Counsels students regarding college selection, etc.
  9. Sends transcripts to colleges as requested.
  10. Writes college recommendations as requested.
  11. Assists students with college admission forms, securing financial assistance, etc.
  12. Counsels and assists students with personal and academic problems (while keeping the school’s administration informed of developing needs or issues).
  13. Keeps the college catalog and information file current and accessible to students.
  14. Keeps updated helps on SAT/PSAT/TOEFL preparation.
  15. Helps coordinate secondary school achievement testing program in coordination with the Secondary Assistant Principal.
  16. Creates and facilitates College Fairs and recruiter visits as opportunities arise.
  17. Tracks academic eligibility for students participating in extra-curricular activities.
  18. Received Academic Concern Forms, meets with students regarding the concerns, and contacts parents and the Secondary Principal, as needed.
  19. Assists in the preparation for and presents in the senior parent night, giving information relevant to the 12th grade students and their parents.
  20. Manages records and files for students who have graduated from KIA or who have transferred to another school.
  21. Assists the Secondary Principal in the maintenance of the school profile, ensuring the information for the current academic year is accurate and up to date.
  22. Other duties as assigned by the administrative team.


  1. A Master’s Degree in counseling preferred (or related field)
  2. Classes and/or training in counseling teens
  3. Experience working with secondary students
  4. Ability to clearly communicate to parents, students, and colleges
  5. Demonstrates a reasonable level of computer literacy, having a basic proficiency in doing word processing, e-mailing, and accessing the internet.
  6. A consistent testimony among his/her family and peers.


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