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Kunming International Academy

Assistant Elementary Principal Job Description
(updated April 2018)

The Assistant Elementary Principal’s primary role is to support the work
of the Elementary Principal and to complete tasks which are essential to
the Elementary Division of KIA. The Assistant Elementary Principal
reports to the Elementary Principal and is responsible for assisting to
manage the daily business of the elementary division. Along with working directly for/with the Elementary Principal, the Assistant Elementary Principal will assist in providing leadership to develop and maintain a stellar elementary educational program which maintains high educational standards and encourages staff and students towards being their best.

1. A Masters Degree in School Leadership is preferred.
2. Experience in School Administration and Supervision preferred.
3. Preferred minimum 2 years experience teaching and 2 years in administration.
4. Meet the certification standards set by WASC and other accreditation agencies.
5. Ability to clearly communicate and represent KIA well to the community.
6. Ability to assist in managing a diverse staff.
7. Able to demonstrate a reasonable level of computer literacy.

1. Possesses strategic qualities of leadership, effectively navigating the role of an educational leader.
2. Must be a team player, especially with the other KIA Administrative team members.
3. Must be able to communicate well with staff, administration, students, and the local community.
4. Must have the ability to cooperate with employees and help them understand school related issues and policies.
5. Must be able to think quickly and act appropriately in emergency situations.
6. Must be flexible and able to adapt to change.
7. Must be able to function properly under time constraints and pressure.
8. Must have punctual and regular attendance.
9. Ability to create and manage schedules.
10. Possess a willingness to serve both the staff, students, their parents and guests of the elementary school.
11. Ability to maintain composure in tense situations.
12. Should support the broader KIA program by attending extra-curricular events when possibleKeeps current with ASCD journals on the latest trends in elementary education.
13. Must be able to work in a sensitive region of the world within a multicultural setting.

1. Assist with the organization and execution of Elementary Activities and events
2. Attends Principal Team meetings to discuss, plan and implement school-wide academic programs.
3. Administers student discipline as referred by classroom teachers with adherence to student discipline procedures/policies as assigned by the Elementary Principal.
4. Assists in overseeing teacher coverage personnel for teachers absent from their responsibilities.
5. Coordinates MAP Testing for Elementary
6. Provides direction for parent/teacher and student-led conferences.
7. Assumes responsibility as assigned for specific committee work.
8. Assumes responsibility as assigned for special programs (“One Hundred Days of School, Science Fair, Elementary Christmas Program, Reading Challenge, etc.”).
9. Assists in planning for and leading in special events (Open House, Fifth Grade Promotion, Spelling Bee, Awards Programs, etc.).
10. Promotes extra-curricular activities for students (clubs, field trips, assembly, etc.).
11. As assigned performs observations, walk throughs, and contributes to the evaluations and supervision of applicable teacher assistants, instructional staff, and volunteers.
12. Recommends upkeep and development of facilities and equipment related to Elementary Division.
13. Support Elementary Guidance Counselor & Elementary Principal with parent meetings, correspondence, and communication
14. Plans agendas and conducts elementary school staff meetings in the absence of the Elementary Principal.
15. Other duties as assigned.

COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Elementary Guidance Counselor, Elementary Staff, Elementary Assistant


POSITION TYPE: Salaried, 12 month, 1 year contract, renewable annually

EVALUATED BY: Elementary Principal, annually.

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