Administrator, Assistant Elementary Principal

Kunming International Academy

School Background:

Kunming is located in southern China. Although at 25 degrees north latitude, it is very temperate because of its elevation (6,200 feet / 2,000 meters).  Kunming is the capital of Yunnan province, and is a moderate sized city in China with an urban population of about 7.2 million. With an enrollment of 300 students from K3 to Grade 12, KIA has met the educational needs of expatriate families for 25 years. The school is fully accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).


Job Summary/Objective:

The Assistant Elementary Principal’s primary role is to support the work of the Elementary Principal and to complete tasks which are essential to the Elementary Division. Working directly for/with the Elementary Principal, the Assistant Elementary Principal will assist in providing leadership to develop and maintain a stellar elementary educational program which maintains high educational standards and encourages staff and students towards being their best.


General Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the vision and goals of the elementary school program aligns with the vision and goals of KIA.
  • Provide leadership in the WASC/NCCT accreditation process and in the compilation of the school’s related documentation.
  • Coordinate with the Elementary Principal to organize and provide professional development for Elementary Staff members that is relevant to both school-wide needs and individual needs.
  • Maintain student roster files and related information for elementary school standardized testing.
  • Plan, schedule, and supervise MAP testing for the Fall, Winter, and Spring testing sessions.
  • Provide classroom teachers with access to MAP testing data at the close of testing sessions.
  • Fill in for the Elementary Principal in times when the Elementary Principal is away.
  • To perform all other duties as assigned by Elementary Principal.


  • Has a minimum of a Master’s degree with completion of a teacher’s education program.
  • Meets the certification standards set by WASC.
  • Ability to clearly communicate and represent the school well to the community.
  • Ability to assist in managing a diverse staff.


Collaborative Relationships:

Elementary Guidance Counselor, Elementary Staff, Elementary Assistant


Reports to and Supervised By:

Elementary Principal (evaluated annually)


Position Type:

Salaried, 12 month, 1 year contract, renewable annually

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